Girls on bikes

Our Vision

Our Vision:

A Cambodia where all people have access to sustainable livelihoods, health and social services, and are active contributors to safe, strong and fair communities.


Our Mission:

We work in North West Cambodia to promote sustainable community development, especially for poor vulnerable and rural people, that provides education and access to improved health, livelihoods and living standards.




- To provide a range of community development projects so that communities

can have better livelihoods, health and community participation.


- To improve the livelihood of the rural villagers through increasing productivity of

agriculture, animal raising and family income generating activities.


- Improve education and access to health services for the whole community,

especially for people living with HIV/AIDS.


- Respond to emerging social and environmental issues, especially cross-cutting

issues such as human rights, gender equality, child rights, harm reduction, good

governance and environmental sustainability.


- To increase the local capacity to solve it's own problems through raising

villages’ knowledge and skills in all aspects of life.

"There are a lot of people who could benefit from skills training and literacy training in this village" Young community member (ILENFEP), Chhuk village.