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Our Staff and Volunteers

Our Staff:

Mr. Pich Veasna is a field officer for our Home Based Care for PLHIV (People Living with HIV/AIDS) project. He started working with SEADO in his home village as a Community Support Volunteer in 2006.  He was hired as a full time staff member in 2010 after showing a passion for work and a desire to train and improve his skills. Now he trains and manages volunteers day-to-day. Not only does Veasna care for people at work, but he and his wife are foster parents for 10 orphans.  Some of the parents were killed in the AIDS epidemic of the early nineties in Cambodia.

“I have seen many people I know die from AIDS, so I want to make sure that people are taking care of their health and are able to work and live like everyone else.”

Our Volunteers:

Meet some of our community support volunteers Mr. Hou Yut and Mrs. Oul Simon. They care for more than 80 people living with HIV in Prochea Thom village, near Poipet. Hou Yut normally works as a moto taxi driver but wants to do more community work. Oul Simon sews for her main source of income and has two people living with HIV in her home. They provide care and education on HIV, hygiene and infection control, condom use and ARV (anti-retroviral) treatment. They also identify and encourage high risk people to go to a health centre for testing and counselling.


“I like working for the people in my village and I’m proud to be working for SEADO”


Our Beneficiaries:

All 4 people in Mrs. Channry's household have HIV. Our volunteers visit the family once a month or when they have health problems. She says that it is essential to have home based care because it is expensive to travel and she needs someone to talk to. Some stigma still exists in their village, but it’s getting better because people now understand much more about HIV. SEADO also helped to repair of their house when their old one fell down.


“Thanks to SEADO my husband and I are healthy enough to work in Poipet. I am worried that one day SEADO will stop working in my village. We need them.”